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“Empiricalizing” Heidegger

Tony Chemero has kindly sent me these links to a paper he, Dobromir Dotov and Lin Nie have just had published. The first link is to the full paper entitled “A Demonstration of the Transition from Ready-to-Hand to Unready-to-Hand.” The second link is to a popularized version of the aforementioned paper entitled “Your Computer Really Is…

Extended Cognition Blog

I’ve just come across a blog dedicated to discussion of the Hypothesis of Extended Cognition. With contributors (for and against) of the order of Anthony Morse, Richard Menary, Andy Clark, Ken Aizawa and Fred Adams, this will hopefully develop into a lively forum and yet another way for theorists in this fertile and exciting niche to network.

The Metaphysics of Mind

This past weekend I attended the Timothy Sprigge Memorial Conference (see link to obituary by Jane O’Grady who was in attendence). I met Sprigge in 1997 at the Bradley conference at Harris-Manchester College Oxford, a time when I was very interested in the idealists. Funny how philosophical changes come and go – Sprigge, ever the…