Vinyl Crap

Vinyl Tap is the laziest, smuggest, factually inaccurate, tenuous and gratuitous name dropping of an excuse for a programme around. Not to mention (as others have pointed out), sprinkled with “double-dipping.” Furthermore two (used to be three) heads of the same family are in the publicly funded radio trough. Glad others see through this phoniness — see Aaron Hartling’s article CBC, please fire Randy Bachman: A passionate plea, from a humble music fan. Per capita Canada is blessed with a disproportionate number of talented musicians so having a format with say grandees of the calibre such Neil Young and Robbie Robertson doing a monthly show alternating with the younger Win Butler and Régine Chassagne (Arcade Fire) doing another, would be infinitely more satisfying. The former are genuinely distinguished, the latter are plugged into what’s happening now but still with a firm hand of the pulse that is the New Orleans tradition. If you want to hear deeply knowledgeable and modest guys talking about music, then listen to Holger Petersen, Bob Porter, Alice Cooper and Ronnie Wood. My previous thoughts on the wonderful Holger here. Harry Enfield — you were prescient in picking a tune that so captured FM schlock.

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