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The cognitive differences between men and women

Bruce Goldman reports in the Spring issue of Stanford Medicine. Our differences don’t mean one sex or the other is better or smarter or more deserving. Some researchers have grappled with charges of “neuro­sexism”: falling prey to stereotypes or being too quick to interpret human sex differences as biological rather than cultural. They counter, however,…

We’re an American Band

I liked this then and I unashamedly still do. Don Brewer chats about the song here. This good old fashioned mega thumper would be greatly appreciated by Dave Nice. P.S. Also first made in Flint, MI — Corvette! E Pluribus Funk corvettedon brewergrand funk railroadharry enfieldrock ‘n roll

Vinyl Crap

Vinyl Tap is the laziest, smuggest, factually inaccurate, tenuous and gratuitous name dropping of an excuse for a programme around. Not to mention (as others have pointed out), sprinkled with “double-dipping.” Furthermore two (used to be three) heads of the same family are in the publicly funded radio trough. Glad others see through this phoniness — see Aaron…