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I Am the Blues

I’m very much looking forward to seeing this documentary featuring Bobby Rush, Barbara Lynn, Henry Gray, Carol Fran, Little Freddie King, Lazy Lester, Bilbo Walker, Jimmy “Duck” Holmes, RL Boyce, LC Ulmer, and Lil’ Buck Sinegal. (click image for details). H/T the wonderful Holger Peterson. Barbara LynnBilbo WalkerbluesBobby RushCarol FranHenry GrayHolger PetersonJimmy “Duck” HolmesLazy LesterLC UlmerLil’…

Vinyl Crap

Vinyl Tap is the laziest, smuggest, factually inaccurate, tenuous and gratuitous name dropping of an excuse for a programme around. Not to mention (as others have pointed out), sprinkled with “double-dipping.” Furthermore two (used to be three) heads of the same family are in the publicly funded radio trough. Glad others see through this phoniness — see Aaron…

Holger Peterson: ambassador of the blues

No-one knows more about the blues than Holger. No-one is as enthusiastic as Holger. He is such a pleasure to listen to unlike his CBC cohort — a lazy, irritating, name-dropping ex-member of a beat combo that merely trades on his name and is prima facie guilty of nepotism. (And his program runs on a thoroughly tenuous premise). bluesHolger Petersonmusicradio