Methodological Individualism, Structural Constraints, and Social Complexity

In press: bumper themed issue guest edited by the very excellent Francesco Di Iorio

1. DI IORIO, Francesco: “Introduction: Methodological Individualism, Structural Constraints, and Social Complexity”

2. NADEAU: Robert: “Cultural Evolution, Group Selection, and Methodological Individualism”

3. ANTISERI, Dario: “Social research between the Use and Abuse of Reason”

4. PETITOT, Jean: “Complex Methodological Individualism”

5. OLIVERIO, Albertina: “The opposition between individual autonomy and social determinism: a controversy by now settled? Proposals and approaches of social research”

6. HERITIER, Paolo: “World 0. Toward an anthropological and aesthetic theory of complex methodological individualism. Between Popper and Dupuy”

7. BOETTKE, Peter and VEETIL, Vipin: “Models of Human Action”

8. DI NUOSCIO, Enzo: “Herbert Spencer and Friedrich Hayek: Two Parallel Theories”

9. CAMPAGNOLO, Gilles: “The Identity of the economic Agent -– seen from a Mengerian point of view in a philosophical and historical context”

10. BIRNER, Jack: “Metaphysical models of man in economics”

11. BRONNER, Gérald: “Cognitive Biases: Between Nature and Culture”

12. CUBEDDU, Raimondo: “Time, Knowledge, and Spontaneous Order”

13. DUMOUCHEL, Paul: “States, Statistical Groups, Individuals, and Other Groups”