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Reclaiming Liberalism

In press — due December Preface — David F. Hardwick and Leslie Marsh 1. Reclaiming Democratic Classical Liberalism – David Ellerman 2. Democracy, Liberalism, and Discretion: The Political Puzzle of the Administrative State – Stephen Turner 3. Ordoliberalism as the Operationalisation of Liberal Politics – Mikayla Novak 4. Liberalism, Through a Glass Darkly – David…

Satisficing in Political Decision Making

An open access entry. Wot? No discussion of Simon’s key The Sciences of the Artificial and broad discussion of collective intentionality? Artificial intelligenceBounded Rationalitycognitive closurecollective intentionalitycomplexityDecision makingHerbert Simonheuristicsphilosophy of social sciencesatisficing

Oakeshott: born on this day

For those who’ve never read that most subtle, cultivated, humane and refined of minds Michael Oakeshott’s concerns resonate as deeply as ever. For the novice, I’d recommend his mid-career Rationalism in Politics, a most elegant collection of essays. A more difficult, but for me the vital underpinning cutting across all his work, is his equally elegant and…