Reclaiming Liberalism

In press — due December

  1. Preface — David F. Hardwick and Leslie Marsh

1. Reclaiming Democratic Classical Liberalism – David Ellerman

2. Democracy, Liberalism, and Discretion: The Political Puzzle of the Administrative State – Stephen Turner

3. Ordoliberalism as the Operationalisation of Liberal Politics – Mikayla Novak

4. Liberalism, Through a Glass Darkly – David F. Hardwick and Leslie Marsh

5. Liberalism and the Modern Quest for Freedom – David D. Corey

6. Liberalism for the 21st Century: From Markets to Civil Society, from Economics to Human Beings – Gus diZerega

7. The Origins of the Rule of Law – Andrew Irvine

8. Burke’s Liberalism: Prejudice, Habit, and Affections and the Remaking of the Social Contract – Lauren Hall

9. Democratic Peace Theory, Montesquieu, and Public Choice – Sarah Burns and Chad Van Schoelandt

10. ‘China’s Hayek’ and the Horrors of Totalitarianism: the Liberal Lessons in Gu Zhun’s Thought – Chor-yung Cheung