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Wittgenstein on Religious Belief

LW’s Lectures on Religious Belief online. Here is a nice discussion entitled ‘Philosophy to the glory of God’. Wittgenstein on God, religion and theology. Speaking of religion David Stern discusses the rather vexed question of Was Wittgenstein a Jew? Worth also checking out these videos. A. J. AyerBernard Williamsdavid sternepistemology of religious beliefGenia SchönbaumsfeldGodJewish IdentityJoost HengstmengelLudwig WittgensteinReligiontheology

Soul Love

Though not particularly obvious “Soul Love” is to my mind the deepest song (and he’s had more than most) by Bowie (then aged 25) and by extension one of the most evocative of rock songs. It plays a pivotal role in the running order of arguably one of the greatest rock albums made and, of course, part…

Science and Religion: Where the Conflict Really Lies

An argument presented by Alvin Plantinga yesterday at UBC. I’ll argue (1) that contemporary evolutionary theory is not incompatible with theistic belief, (2) that the main antitheistic arguments involving evolution together with other premises also fail, and (3) that naturalism, the thought that there is no such thing as the God of theistic religion or…

Culture wars revisited

Michael Lynch and Alan Sokal enagage in a most civil dialogue: Defending Science: An Exchange. Readers might also be interested in Susan Haack’s Defending Science-Within Reason: Between Scientism and Cynicism and James Robert Brown’s Who Rules in Science?: An Opinionated Guide to the Wars – two cracking reads – and both past contributors to EPISTEME. Alan SokalChristian fundamentalismChristianityDavid HumeEpistemologyGodMICHAEL LYNCHReason