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The long and the short of it

We are indebted to Sam Harris for bringing us Eric Weinstein in Sam’s latest podcast Faith in Reason: A Conversation. What a luxury it is to have about 2.5 hours of real intellectual engagement (i.e. not resorting to cheap rug-pulling strategies) and not be subject to the faux Facecrack type knee-jerk regurgitated indignation (or pat ideological virtue-signaling) that is now…

Play it again Sam

Play it again and again Sam. The first hour of this podcast focuses on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the political implications of the recent terrorist attack in Orlando. Podcast #38 — The End of Faith Sessions 2 beliefcoherence theory of truthcollective beliefconceptual analysisepistemology of religious belieffree speechilliberalismislamLiberalismneurosciencePhilosophyregressive leftReligionreligion and sciencesam harris

Grammar Of Assent/Loss and Gain

Newman’s classic An Essay In Aid Of A Grammar Of Assent is unlikely to have been read by mainstream epistemologists — much to their shame. GoA is freely available on Project Gutenberg as is his philosophical novel Loss and Gain: The Sory of a Convert.  EmpiricismEpistemologyepistemology of religious beliefgrammar of assentJohn Henry Newmanloss and gainphilosophical literatureReligion

Wittgenstein on Religious Belief

LW’s Lectures on Religious Belief online. Here is a nice discussion entitled ‘Philosophy to the glory of God’. Wittgenstein on God, religion and theology. Speaking of religion David Stern discusses the rather vexed question of Was Wittgenstein a Jew? Worth also checking out these videos. A. J. AyerBernard Williamsdavid sternepistemology of religious beliefGenia SchönbaumsfeldGodJewish IdentityJoost HengstmengelLudwig WittgensteinReligiontheology

The Avuncular David Hume

Hume is on my mind especially in regard to my current work on Adam Smith. To this end, I’ve been re-watching Bryan Magee’s series The Great Philosophers from ’87. I’ve especially enjoyed the Hume discussion with John Passmore. Magee is an expositor second to none despite the fact that his expert guests are more intimate with-…

Can Faith Ever Be Rational?

An NPR discussion by Tania Lombrozo motivated by the work of Lara Buchak, her paper available here. My concern in this paper is the relationship between faith and rationality. I seek to develop a unified account of statements of faith concerning mundane matters and those concerning religious faith. To do so, I consider the sense in which faith…