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The long and the short of it

We are indebted to Sam Harris for bringing us Eric Weinstein in Sam’s latest podcast Faith in Reason: A Conversation. What a luxury it is to have about 2.5 hours of real intellectual engagement (i.e. not resorting to cheap rug-pulling strategies) and not be subject to the faux Facecrack type knee-jerk regurgitated indignation (or pat ideological virtue-signaling) that is now…

Complexity and Stupidity

Catching up on Sam Harris’ podcasts — this one is of particular interest. Sam’s guest, David Krakauer, I recall from taking the debut Santa Fe Institute freebie course a few years back run by the excellent Melanie Mitchell. Do check out the SFI’s free programmes, notably SFI’s Complexity Explorer: it beats many a fee-paying university course. In any event, if you…

Play it again Sam

Play it again and again Sam. The first hour of this podcast focuses on Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton, and the political implications of the recent terrorist attack in Orlando. Podcast #38 — The End of Faith Sessions 2 beliefcoherence theory of truthcollective beliefconceptual analysisepistemology of religious belieffree speechilliberalismislamLiberalismneurosciencePhilosophyregressive leftReligionreligion and sciencesam harris