The patriarchy of space exploration

Jerry Coyne takes on this POMO tripe: it’s become noticeable that the latest unexamined POMO buzzword to be added to the IYI lexicon in addition to the baseline “ghost in the machine” catchall (“patriarchy”) — is now “colonization”.

Do I really have to enact the emotional labor of deconstructing this rant from a very privileged young woman? Do I have to point out that there are women astronauts, and many women excited in space exploration, and. . . and nobody lives on Mars!?  Does she know that a planet is not a human body? And it’s not like there will be aliens on the planet that will be confined or placed on reservations. Yes, those who despoiled the planet are largely men, but that’s the result of capitalism, not because of some penis-induced desire to wreck things for their own sake. And now, as women begin to assume power, they, too can start wrecking stuff. Has Bianco heard of Anne M. Gorsuch?