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Post “ Post-Truth”: Are We There Yet?

One of my favorite, most formidable and most intellectually honest philosophers, Susan Haack, has made available this recent paper. (Stay tuned for an upcoming festschrift for Susan marking her 75!). If you find the “activism masquerading as inquiry” sorts tiresome and disingenuous, you should really check out Susan’s less technical stuff.   EpistemologyevidencemetaphysicsPeircepost modernismsusan haacktestimonyTruth

Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism

Lot’s happening in this dynamic and ecumenical series attracting old hands, young guns and all stages in-between. To keep apprised of developments see the series’ Facebook page. If, having consulted the series’ aims and scope you feel that there may be a good match, feel free to address preliminary inquiries to the editors.   classical liberalismLibertarianismphilosophy of…

The philosophies of curdled bitterness

Stephen Hicks’ masterful critical survey of the disparate strands and ever-shifting cynical alliances, and as a consequence, dissonant morphology, offers a very accessible first orientation to understanding the shitstorm that we are currently in the midst of: “Why do they have that power in the humanities but not in the sciences? Why has a significant…

The patriarchy of space exploration

Jerry Coyne takes on this POMO tripe: it’s become noticeable that the latest unexamined POMO buzzword to be added to the IYI lexicon in addition to the baseline “ghost in the machine” catchall (“patriarchy”) — is now “colonization”. Do I really have to enact the emotional labor of deconstructing this rant from a very privileged young…

The End of Beauty in Architecture

The very excellent Justin Shubow. I didn’t realize just how intellectually and morally bankrupt, soul-destroying and downright perverse some architects are. The talk gets quite grim towards the end (around 24.30) when the philosophical underpinnings are brought in. aestheticsarchitectureJustin Shubowpost modernismregressive left