Dead Sea Tapes

Chuffed to come across this recently broadcast (previously blocked) programme. Among the featured gems are The Dead Sea Tapes, Peter’s views on religion, his taste in reading and much more besides. I have a chum  who used to live around the corner from Perrin’s Walk in Ellerdale Road, near the convent (or was it a girls school) mentioned in the show: after each evening’s night revelry, I’d standardly press the door bell and run away. Yes, puerile I know. The show gives Lin, Peter’s recently deceased widow, a long overdue fair shake after years of snide reporting on her. Pete and Dud (or their alter egos, Derek and Clive) even in death, and long before Milo was even born, still stand as the ultimate bête noire to the cultural marxists (they’d go full-on #Trigglypuff if they heard Derek and Clive).

“Why do you drink so much?”

“Despair really”

Peter died at 57!