This machine kills fascists

This famous slogan was etched into one of Woody Guthrie’s guitars. I’d rather someone of the calibre and integrity of Woody Guthrie in my corner than most of the collective brain power of thousands of the regressive left humanities academics who so fraudulently claim to stand up for the down-trodden. Having recently visited the superb Woody Guthrie Center in Tulsa what is patently clear is that Woody, though he was not formally educated, was authentic in the sense that he had “skin in the game” and never played the illiberal idiocratic identitarian politics card — moreover he was always a patriot. No wonder the aforementioned academic hucksters are so frustrated by the cultural rumblings of late now that they are the castrati. Isn’t it remarkable that a major driver of social liberalism and the attendant sexual revolution was popular music (jazz, blues, country and western,  folk, rockabilly, rock and roll, boogie-woogie and even gospel) — yet these dissident and radical artistic pioneers would be deemed to fall squarely into the “basket of deplorables”. So kids pick up a guitar, get to grips with some STEM subjects, and avoid the vulgar indoctrination of much of the humanities. And you’ll have much more fun and meaning to boot.