Chuck Norris vs Communism

Very roughly analogous to the corrosive effects that the internet has been to our out-of-touch and typically regressive gatekeepers, so too was VHS the corrodent to the Romanian communist state. Now, as then, these gatekeepers entertain the shallowest of insights into the dynamics of situated moral psychology, deluded by their lazy rationalistic disparaging of “low brow” culture, the elites of all political persuasions are now caught like deer in the headlights of an oncoming vehicle. The words “hoisted” and “petard” spring to mind. Here is the homepage for the film — a film that stands as a timely reminder of a very recent illiberal past, an illiberalism that has now morphed into a homegrown trojan-like rabidly recreational censorious swarm behavior of faux outrage and cheap virtue-signaling.