Chef’s Table: Season Two

Some seven months ago I noted my appreciation of the first season of Chef’s Table. Having just binged out on the second season I’m pleased to report that the standard of outrageous talent and the commitment of the chefs is as high as the first batch. Jointly and severally, the chefs featured in both seasons are a wonderful expression in the most meaningful sense of socio-cultural diversity: bound together by the honest pursuit of excellence, a road paved with profound doubt and significant setbacks, perseverance, of course luck — but most of all, being very much culturally situated beings — their innovation driven by intimations from the past and by entering into a flow of sympathy from the past into the future. Yet another beautiful instantiation of particularism clearly showing up globalist ideologues as no more than vessels of bloodless rationalism, especially when taken on as an article of faith as is typically the case. Even the hollow marketing speak “The World’s Local Bank” (p. 4) has been dumped.