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Lo and Behold

Not Herzog’s best but certainly, as one would still expect, an insightful and elegant take highlighting some of the most disturbing and techno-ebullient aspects of this technology, a technology that surely marks the cultural tipping point, ushering in the global shit storm that we are now in. The section on AI is fascinating: Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep? You know we…

Chef’s Table: Season Two

Some seven months ago I noted my appreciation of the first season of Chef’s Table. Having just binged out on the second season I’m pleased to report that the standard of outrageous talent and the commitment of the chefs is as high as the first batch. Jointly and severally, the chefs featured in both seasons are a wonderful…

Les Blank 1935-2013

The passing of a great documentary film maker known to me through his association with Herzog. Blank was a Tulane grad and made a few films with NOLA interest notably on cooking and second lines. Burden of DreamsDocumentary filmLes Blanknew orleansWerner Herzog