Christina Hoff Sommers and Camille Paglia: The full interview

Based Mom and Based Goddess let rip on the toxic cocktail of cultural infantilization, the new Stalinism (kangaroo courts), free-speech, identity politics, advocacy posing as academic inquiry, willful ignorance of the past, the ethics of teaching (intellectual dishonesty), utopianism, “cultural appropriation”, radical social constructivism, and on crapping on the “secret people” (gamergate) — totemic of those whom the political classes and the so-called “intelligentsia” (Left and Right) have incessantly disparaged and hectored and are still profoundly oblivious about. Hence the recent UK plebiscite and the rise of the orange man! The “regressive left” now have to pay the piper and unfortunately we all have to suffer their excesses. But they are not going to give up without the dirtiest of fights: they will double down and continue to smear any contrary view (as per Sam Harris).

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