To get to the light you need to cross the shadow

If there’s one truth all outlaws know

To get to the light you need to cross the shadow

This phrase from Deltaphonic’s “Buckhorn Saloon” pretty much sums up the spirit animating this astonishing debut album entitled Texas, Texas. Without doubt it’s the Exile on Main Street for our time: dirty, earthy, gritty, soulful, sweaty, troubled, tongue-in-cheek — experiences that could only have emerged from someone who has seen and felt the dark side and therein has achieved a state of grace. The songs are permeated with a wistful world-weary philosophical intelligence that is so unusual for someone so young: Andrew Weekes is an old soul in a young body. Andrew, the prime mover behind Deltaphonic, kinda reminds me of the spirit that animated Amy Winehouse — clever lyrics without being self-consciously so, melodic, soulful, dark, brooding, searingly but eliptically self-revealing — Andrew’s song writing is pure genius. There is not a duff track on this album and not a cover in sight to appease the punters or a label or to mask songwriting inability. This said, when Andrew does play a cover he owns it in a thoroughly uncompromising way. Beyond the immensely gifted base of Andrew’s song writing, there is his psycho-killer guitar work and a voice that can go from “damaged tenderness” to dive bar “fuck it, live now, for tomorrow we die” abandon. Andrew has it all! If you love American music and the subtly blurred genres that informs New Orleans music (country, funk, blues, gospel, reggae), then this album is for you. The band is thus perfectly named!

I had the privilege of seeing them live three nights on the trot. But it was on the third night that Andrew and his new drummer, with whom he’d never played before, absolutely shredded the Apple Barrel — the greatest live performance of my life. The guys put in going on four hours, yes fucking four hours of heart and soul and groove. The ecstatic chemistry between the musicians was palpable and we the audience knew full that we were witnessing the birth of something very special. In years to come there will be people who will claim to have seen them on this particular night. In this troubled world, if this was to be my last night alive, I would have gladly accepted it.

This treasure of band needs our support — they do not do hack work so all the more reason why they need your support. Andrew has to be Andrew if one is going to plumb the depths of this man’s outrageous talent. So PLEASE buy their album now from here or from the “Factory” or go see them live (don’t be a dick head — put a note in the tip jar) and grab a copy of Texas, Texas — and of course spread the word. In the sea of mediocre shite Deltaphonic shines brightly as a beacon of poetic authenticity.

I’m not embarrassed to say that I adore this band — long may this love affair continue (p. s. I write as a fan and have no connection with the band’s business interests whatsoever). Listen freely to these tracks from the album.