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Curtis Mayfield: Super Fly

Released on this day in 1972, Curtis Mayfield’s soundtrack made history as one of the few soundtracks to outgross the accompanying movie. See AllMusic: A melange of deep, dark grooves, trademarked wah-wah guitar, and stinging brass, Super Fly ignited an entire genre of music . . . Curtis Mayfieldfunksuperfly

Dumpstaphunk: new album

The sludgiest groove around. Overlooking the typo (plant should read planet) here is the best characterization (written by David Kunian) I’ve come across of the band: Dumpstaphunkfunkneville brothersnew orleansThe MetersTrombone Shorty

Sly Stone

Born on this date. I still haven’t been able to view the documentary On the Sly: In Search of the Family Stone. acid funkfunkmusicsly and the family stonesly stone

Baby Huey: 50 years on

No self-respecting funkster can do without this foundational album. Born on this day, and come October, it will have 50 years since Baby Huey’s death. Baby HueyCurtis Mayfielddonny hathawayfunkpsychedelic funkpsychedelic soulsoul

Ian Dury

Born on this date and it’s just over twenty years since his death. Here’s a decent enough write-up from ten years ago. Shortly before his death in March 2000, Paul McCartney paid him a visit. It was “like having the Queen Mother coming round for tea,” he told his wife. Ian Dury at the Dentist…

The Funk, the Soul + the Holy Groove

Released today! Aside from the two very insightful reviews by Robert Fontenot in OffBeat Magazine for the previous two albums — Texas, Texas and See Red — much of the minor “alternative” music press are awkwardly trying to shoehorn Deltaphonic into some Procrustean category or other. The clue to their music is . . . in the…