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Curtis Mayfield: Super Fly

Released on this day in 1972, Curtis Mayfield’s soundtrack made history as one of the few soundtracks to outgross the accompanying movie. See AllMusic: A melange of deep, dark grooves, trademarked wah-wah guitar, and stinging brass, Super Fly ignited an entire genre of music . . . Curtis Mayfieldfunksuperfly

Chicago’s Musical Memory

On a recent visit to Chicago I didn’t get the sense that Chicago memorializes their native (or adoptive) musical sons very diligently. This article confirms this impression: worth following the links in this article. This recently released collection by Rhino commemorates Curtis Mayfield’s 50 years as a solo artist and this year marks 20 years since Mayfield’s…

Super Fly

Forty-five years ago this masterpiece soundtrack was released — AllMusic assessment. We’re all built up with progress But sometimes I must confess We can deal with rockets and dreams But reality, what does it mean Curtis Mayfieldpsychedelic funkpsychedelic soulsuperfly

Traveling Soul

I’ve just learnt that there is newly published biography of Curtis Mayfield, a long overdue project I’d been hoping for over the past few years. acid soulCurtis Mayfieldgospelmusicsoul

Curtis Mayfield remembered

On August 13th 1990, Curtis Mayfield became paralyzed from the neck down, after stage lighting equipment fell on him at an outdoor concert at Wingate Field in Flatbush. This incident brought on his slow and harrowing demise which he endured with the dignity and the forbearance that we are accustomed to from CM. It’s a shame that…

Curtis Mayfield – 10 of the best

A little bit of online filler concerning Curtis. Stevie Chick knows his stuff alright and however contentious these list-type articles inevitably are, if they serve to draw you into the genius that is Mayfield, well and good. I’d have “The Makings of You” and “Give It Up” on the list, two very bitter-sweet and tender songs. Stevie…