If your taste falls within the Creedence–Little Feat–Lil’ Band O’ Gold-ZZ Top–Gatemouth Brown–The Band realm with a dash of Zappa and Black Sabbath (and much more besides), all wrapped up in a highly delectable super gritty melodious acid driving funk groove — then you won’t be disappointed with Deltaphonic’s album Texas, Texas. They defy dumb music award categories that are for the most part dominated by non-entities, cheap sentiment and vested interests. Deltaphonic’s musicality, philosophical wistfulness, earthiness and tongue-in-cheek lyrics are a world away from inaneness that dominates the biz. Were this the early seventies, Deltaphonic would be one of the biggest bands on the planet. Take a listen here: crank it up though some decent speakers. And the good news is that Deltaphonic are back in the studio. Whoo hoo!