Walker Percy Wednesday 68

In addition to checking out the Walker Percy documentary if you are a fan of the great man, please consider making a contribution to this project — all is explained in the video. This project expires in just over a week — it would be a crying shame if it doesn’t come to fruition. Come on folks — surely there are 100 hundred passionate Percy fans out there that could come up with, on average $197 each, to make this project happen.


“So that in the same moment one becomes victorious in science one also becomes victorious in love. And all for the good of mankind! Science to help all men and a happy joyous love to help women. We are speaking here of happiness, joy, music, spontaneity, you understand. Fortunately we have put behind us such unhappy things as pure versus impure love, sin versus virtue, and so forth. This love has its counterpart in scientific knowledge: it is neutral morally, abstractive and godlike—”

. . .

Who am I?
I am he who loves. I am in love. I love.
Who do you love?
Who is “you”?
A girl.
What girl?
Any girl you please. You.
How can that be?
Because all girls are lovable and I love them all. I love you. I can make you happy and you me.
Only one thing can make you happy and it is not that
Love makes me happy. Knowing makes me happy.
Love is God, because God is love. Knowing God is knowing all things.
Love is not God. Love is music.

. . .

“Well, what is the purpose of life in a democratic society?”
“A democratic society?” I ask him, smiling.
“Sure. Isn’t it for each man to develop his potential to the fullest?”
“I suppose so.”
“What is your potential?”
“I don’t know, what?”
“Doc, you have two great potentials: a first-class mind and a heart full of love.”
“So what do you do with them?”
“I don’t know, what?”
“Know and love, what else?”
“And win at both.”
“Is there anything wrong with being victorious and happy? With curing patients, advancing science, loving women and making them happy?”
“Use your talents, Doc. What do you know how to do?”
“I know how to use this.” I pick up the lapsometer.
“What can you do with that?”
“Make people happy.”
“Who do you love, Doc?”
“Women, knowing, music, and Early Times.”
“You’re all set, Doc. One last thing—”
“Where is your crate of MOQUOLs?”
“In a safe place.”
“Let me have them. The situation is critical and I think we ought to get them in the right hands as soon as possible.”
“No. I’d better not. That is not part of our contract.”
“Why not?”
“They are dangerous. I can’t be too careful.”
“What dangers?”
“Physical and political dangers.”