The Individual in the Fragile Sciences: Sociality

I received a message from Rob Wilson one of the most talented and broad-ranging philosopher-scientists around. He was updating me on what he’s been up to of late. He brought two things to my attention.

1. Rob has begun drafting the third instalment to his trilogy which he’s entitled Blood is Thicker than Water, nicht wahr? Terra Socialis: The Individual in the Fragile Sciences: Sociality. The first book Boundaries of the Mind: The Individual in the Fragile Sciences: Cognition has achieved classic status within the extended mind literature, a work which I reviewed very favourably:

No philosopher of social science can afford to ignore this book: this well informed, detailed and up-to-date discussion is virtually a self-contained course in the philosophy of social science and is more finessed and textured than other recent attempts to take account of the confluence between social science and cognitive science.

Hot on the heels of “Boundaries” was Genes and the Agents of Life: The Individual in the Fragile Sciences: Biology. Rob would welcome comments on the draft of Blood is Thicker than Water– the chapters can be downloaded from Rob’s website (left-hand window). It’s great that Rob is so open about his work – he welcomes any comments submitted before August 1st. I for one look forward to reading the draft soon.

2. Rob has also brought my attention to the What Sorts of People blog, attached to the What Sorts of People Should There Be? network. Both sites should be of interest to anyone that has social ontology as a central interest – philosophers of social science, sociologists, anthropologists, followers of public policy and several other disciplines – extended mind theorists and identity theorists will also find much to appreciate. Social epistemologists might also find the What Sorts of People Should There Be? site of relevance.