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Ant wars

Here is a lovely excerpt from the one and only David Attenborough, the drama heightened by the music. Check out all things swarm related on this excellent website run by Simon Garnier of the Rutgers Swarm lab. antscomputational intelligenceDavid AttenboroughswarmSwarm intelligence

The Swarm Lab

Swarm enthusiasts would do well to check out Simon Garnier’s new interdisciplinary initiative Swarm Lab run under the auspices of the Department of Biological Sciences at the New Jersey Institute of Technology. Collective intelligencecollective intentionalityComputational Sociologydistributed cognitiondistributed knowledgehuman stigmergyRobotSimon Garnierstigmergicstigmergic cognitionStigmergySwarm intelligenceSwarm robotics

Particle swarm optimization

The latest issue of Swarm Intelligence is now available featuring this paper “A speculative approach to parallelization in particle swarm optimization.” The original formulation of PSO is due to Kennedy, J., Eberhart, R. C., with Shi, Y. (2001). Swarm Intelligence. Morgan Kaufmann. AntArtificial LifeParticle SwarmSwarm intelligence


This article is really creating a buzz (sorry!!) The idea has some resonance to an aspect of Hayek’s social epistemology (see the article that I just today uploaded). In much the same way that synapses are strengthened while unused linkages weaken and wither away, so too are paths to salient social knowledge strengthened or weakened –…