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The Cognitive Dimension

The always subtle (philosophically, historically, and most especially, sociologically) Stephen Turner. His piece is freely available here. Cognitive sciencephilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mindStephen Turner

Reclaiming Liberalism: Preview

In press for Palgrave Studies in Classical Liberalism. This collection redresses the conceptual hubris and illiteracy that has come to obscure the central presuppositions of classical liberalism – that is, the wresting of epistemic independence from overwhelming concentrations of power, monopolies and capricious zealotries be they of a state, religious or corporate in character. Reclaiming…

Symposium on Roger Koppl’s Expert Failure

In Press Preface to a Symposium on Roger Koppl’s Expert Failure — WILLIAM N. BUTOS An Introduction to Expert Failure: Lessons in Socioeconomic Epistemics from a Deeply Embedded Method of Analysis — GIAMPAOLO GARZARELLI and LORENZO INFANTINO Expert Failure and The Intellectual Crisis of American Public Administration: How The “Fatal Conceit” Continues to Threaten Liberal…