Symposium on Roger Koppl’s Expert Failure

In Press

  • Preface to a Symposium on Roger Koppl’s Expert Failure — WILLIAM N. BUTOS
  • An Introduction to Expert Failure: Lessons in Socioeconomic Epistemics from a Deeply Embedded Method of Analysis — GIAMPAOLO GARZARELLI and LORENZO INFANTINO
  • Expert Failure and The Intellectual Crisis of American Public Administration: How The “Fatal Conceit” Continues to Threaten Liberal Democracy — PETER J. BOETTKE
  • Epistemics, Experts, and Adaptive Systems — WILLIAM N. BUTOS
  • Approaching the Singularity Behind the Veil of Incomputability: On Algorithmic Governance, the Economist-as-Expert, and the Piecemeal Circumnavigation of the Administrative State — ABIGAIL DEVEREAUX
  • Expertise, the Administrative State, and Corporate Governance: a Comment on Koppl — RICHARD N. LANGLOIS
  • Ignorance and the Incentive Structure confronting Policymakers — SCOTT SCHEALL
  • Massive Error — STEPHEN TURNER
  • Arrogance and Humility in the Governance of Human Interaction: A Reflection on Roger Koppl’s Expert Failure — RICHARD E. WAGNER
  • A Peircean Perspective on Koppl’s Expert Failure — JAMES R. WIBLE
  • Response — ROGER KOPPL