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Gigerenzer papers

The most distinguished Gerd Gigerenzer has very kindly alerted me to some of his most recent writings. Roger and I were honoured to have Gerd participate in our co-edited Minds, Models and Milieux: Commemorating the Centennial of the Birth of Herbert Simon and moreover, with whom we spent an enjoyable time in San Francisco a couple years back.…

Form and Function in Human Song

Here’s a recent open access paper in Current Biology along with a journalistic write-up in The Harvard Gazette. The present research provides evidence for the existence of recurrent, perceptible features of three domains of vocal music across 86 human societies and for the striking consistency of form-function percepts across listeners from around the globe—listeners who presumably…

The Case for Psychedelics

W. Keith Campbell and Brandon Weiss in Quillette. We argue that the decision to ban therapeutic use of psychedelics was a tragic mistake. Brandon WeissconsciousnessdrugsneurosciencePhilosophy of mindPsychologyReligionspiritualityW. Keith Campbell