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Karl Marx’s Radical Antisemitism

Anti-semitism as a term just doesn’t cut it any longer — the term should be more specific — Jew hatred. Here from a few years back Michael Ezra argues in The Philosopher’s Magazine that Karl Marx’s anti-Semitism is clear and unambiguous. anti-SemitismJew hatredKarl MarxMarxismMichael Ezraregressive left

Raymond Aron’s Memoirs

It’s been 34 years since the death of that independent-minded and incredibly lucid writer — Raymond Aron. I chanced upon his Memoirs: Fifty Years of Political Reflection which has been made freely available here. LiberalismMarxismPolitical philosophyraymond aronSociology

The Voice of Liberal Learning

Judging by the numbers “in” class today (not to mention the hundreds of thousands that will view the podcast over the next few weeks), it is clear that the post-modern marxist monopoly on education is being severely corroded. The authoritarian priesthood are increasingly behaving like monomaniacal Aguirres adrift on a raft . . . with the…

The Monomania of Identity Politics

This in Epoch Times It was about power. And everything to the postmodernists is about power. And that’s actually why they’re so dangerous, because if you’re engaged in a discussion with someone who believes in nothing but power, all they are motivated to do is to accrue all the power to them, because what else…