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Anti‐Semite and Jew

Sartre’s Anti‐Semite and Jew is still well worth a read. Here is a feely downloadable reissue with a new preface by Michael Walzer. anti-SemitismexistentialismJean-Paul SartreMarxismmichael walzer

Michael Oakeshott and the Left

Here’s a new paper by Luke O’Sullivan: No one has ever really studied Michael Oakeshott’s relationship to the left. After all, since Oakeshott is generally classified as a conservative political thinker, there is presumably little to study. Yet on a second glance there is more to the matter. His contemporaries certainly found Oakeshott hard to…

Camus and Sartre

Marking the Camus centenary. Albert Camus and Jean-Paul Sartre, two of the most important minds of the 20th century, were closely entwined throughout their careers. On the centenary of Camus’ birth, SPIEGEL looks back at their famous friendship and the ideological feud that ultimately unraveled it. Albert CamusexistentialismideologyJean-Paul SartreMarxismNobel Prize in Literaturephilosophical literaturePhilosophySimone de BeauvoirSPIEGELStranger

Eric Hobsbawm

The name Hobsbawm was virtually institutionalized at Birkbeck. While there I felt obliged to read a bit of Hobsbawm at a time when I was also reading G. E. M. de Ste. Croix – the latter so much deeper and more compelling than the former. I took inspiration from De Ste. Croix’s paper “Why were…