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Consciousness . . . after death

Stuart Hameroff speculates on consciousness as a fundamental part of the universe. Though I’ve read Penrose’s The Emperor’s New Mind and Shadows of the Mind, I’ve never read any Hameroff beyond interviews and documentaries. Wishful thinking perhaps  . . . Speaking of consciousness  Toward a Science of Consciousness is coming up, this time in India. BodyconsciousnessdeathJournal of Consciousness StudiesPenroseQuantum mechanicsReligionReligion…

Chalmers’ Singularity

Check out the latest issue of the Journal of Consciousness Studies, a themed issue built around Dave Chalmers’ 2010 JCS paper  “The Singularity“. What happens when machines become more intelligent than humans? One view is that this event will be followed by an explosion to ever-greater levels of intelligence, as each generation of machines creates…

Symposium on Mind in Life

Check out this special issue (Ed. Tobias Schlicht) of Journal of Consciousness Studies devoted to Evan Thompson’s Mind in Life. Participants include Dennett, Grush, Hutto, Siewert, Van Gulick, Wheeler, Zahavi and others. Journal of Consciousness Studies