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The Jews and Capitalism

The always provocative Walter Block’s rumination from a few years back in Psychology Today on a species of what I term the “dhimmi” Jew. This is also related to what Gad Saad has termed as Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome. Bosch FawstincapitalismFriedrich HayekJewsOstrich Parasitic Syndromeregressive leftRobert Nozickwalter block

Walter Laqueur

New York Times — Washington Post The possibility that Europe will become a museum or a cultural amusement park for the nouveau riche of globalization is not completely out of the question. HistoryHolocaustIsraelJewsterrorismWalter LaqueurZionism

The answer: Stage 1 dhimmitude

The question posed by Liel Leibovitz: “Why have so many Jewish leaders put their weight behind an activist whose separatist rhetoric is cloaked in the flaccid language of human rights?” On a closely related note, see Gary Weiss’ earlier “The Politics of Anti-anti-Semitism“. I also refer my Right Honorable friends to the phenomenon termed as Ostrich Parasitic Syndrome.…

Hitler and the Arabs

The briefest of reviews for this book in The Middle East Quarterly, a book that would probably be better titled as Nazism and Islam. The characteristic totalitarian traits shared by both Nazism and political Islam has not gone unnoticed: an observation conspicuously absent within the Regressive Left (a superb term coined by Maajid Nawaz). Is it because they harbour the very same authoritarian dispositions? For more on the topic see New…

The Jewish Confederates

I picked up this unusual book in a wonderful book store, Buxton Books, in Charleston. If ever you are in Charleston, it’s well worth popping in and supporting them and maybe even get chatting to the charming and knowledgeable owners. Civil WarconfederateHistoryJewishJews

Black Jews in Africa and the Americas

I’ve been following the fascinating work of Tudor Parfitt for the past thirty or so years. He is known primarily for his television programmes broadcast on the BBC and Channel Four. I finally got to reading his book Black Jews in Africa and the Americas. In this age of crude identity politics and “cultural appropriation” fundamentalists, the…