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Marquee Moon

Forty years ago this masterpiece was released. See Turn Up The Volume and Observer (I do wish they’d stop using the term “punk” for these guys). guitarmarquee moonmusicTelevisiontom verlaine


The people’s guitarist

Lovely article on the backdrop to Rory Gallagher’s legendary Irish Tour ’74. I have a sense that there has been a recent resurgence in Rory. Rory was at pains to point out he wasn’t active in any sense politically. But he felt very strongly that he should be allowed to play in Northern Ireland and the Republic…

Mick Ronson

I’ve been meaning to pay homage to Mick Ronson long before Bowie’s death was announced. Bowie worked with some of the greatest guitarists but Ronson stands as his #1 axeman but also #1 arranger — that’s saying something. Of course the term “x is one of the best ys” is so easily bandied about. But MR really…


Frampton is still alive and well

. . . and hanging around in Nashville. It was 40 years ago (crikey!) that the early stirrings of Frampton Comes Alive! began it’s juggernaut domination of the charts. Thoroughly underrated (tarnished by the teen idol label) people seem to overlook that along with Jimmy Page, PF at 14 was possibly the youngest working serious musician…

Maggot Brain

George Clinton famously told Hazel to play “like your momma had just died,” and the resulting evocation of melancholy and sorrow doesn’t merely rival Jimi Hendrix’s work, but arguably bests a lot of it.  Accompanied by another softer guitar figure providing gentle rhythm for the piece, the end result is simply fantastic, an emotional apocalypse…