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It’s NOT punk

Damn it man, you say as much — so why mention it? Anyway, at least the “reporter” rightly commemorates this timeless album. Television, along with the Talking Heads, are the only North American talents that could consistently approximate the “philosophical musicality” (for want of a better phrase) of what Bowie was up to at the time…

Marquee Moon

Forty years ago this masterpiece was released. See Turn Up The Volume and Observer (I do wish they’d stop using the term “punk” for these guys). guitarmarquee moonmusicTelevisiontom verlaine

Marquee Moon Review

Since I’ve been going on about Television of late (especially having just seen them live) I thought I’d post Nick Kent‘s famous review from NME. I used to religiously take both the NME and Melody Maker each week and though I was more inclined to the now defunct MM, to NME‘s eternal credit Nick Kent…

Television: new album

Despite rumours of some credence we’ve been waiting some eight years for the new Television album — don’t rush into it lads! To feed my addiction I was one of those who sent off for a cassette import of The Blow-Up (1982) if only to hear “Little Johnny Jewel”. We waited 14 years for album three (1992), not withstanding…

The outrageous price we pay for “free” television

This from Techvibes – substitute Canadian for any other nationality. Who chose this insane and inane model—one that invades privacy, wastes time, and subjects the average Canadian adult to over 14,000 minutes of commercials per annum? advertisingAmanda LangBroadcastCanadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commissioncommercialsherbert hooverinternetiTunesNationalpeter mansbridgeradioTelevision