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Born on this date. Here’s a strong writeup from Guitar World from 21 years ago. If Zappa thought the music industry incompetent, crooked and imbecilic back then, he’d be even more appalled now, if that were even possible. I’d recommend the recently released documentary for a decent enough sketch of Zappa’s life. And in many…

Zappa Documentary

Zappa is available to purchase or rent from today, and apparently, it will also be released as a DVD with material that didn’t make the film. As a primer, this documentary would complement Barry Miles’ biography reviewed by Camille Paglia and Zappa’s very own The Real Frank Zappa Book. Here are some reviews of the documentary that…

Peter Green

Peter Green died today. See this article on Green in Guitar World. Peter Green is, arguably, the most underrated guitarist of the British mid-’60s blues boom, consistently relegated to a position somewhere below the holy triumvirate of Clapton, Beck and Page. fleetwood macguitarPeter greenrhythm and blues

Rory Gallagher: Newly Released Material

I must have been asleep at the wheel to have missed this. (H/T Holger Petersen). This is the most insightful article I’ve across on this release. The word ‘Legend’ is so overused these days, especially in music. Artists who seem to have been around for five minutes are routinely tagged with the word. In truth there…

Robin Trower: The Tone Meister

The great tone meister Robin Trower is still laying it down. It was his Hendrix infused psychedelia that brought me to his Bridge of Sighs album in ’74 as it did for most others. bluesbridge of sighsguitarpsychedelic bluesRobin Trower


The maestro — born on this day. I pretty much have all of his back catalogue going back to the 50s. bluegrassbluesCajunClarence “Gatemouth” Browncountryfiddlefunk zydekoguitarJazzLouisianaSwingtexas