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Herb Simon and Wim Wenders

Here’s an interesting discussion paper that caught my eye. I couldn’t resist a title with Simon and most improbably, Wenders, in it. Ethics is then also involved. As Wenders emphasised, freedom is at risk when the capacity of self-reflection and self-elaboration becomes weaker: when humans are not autonomous in their capacity of thinking and deciding…

Motorcycles and the Meaning of Life

Check out Craig Bourne’s popular philosophy book — a couple of brief extracts below. Bike-wise, Moto Guzzi was my first love and with the release of the V7 III Carbon Dark (below), my pulse has quickened. On my bucket list is a visit to the factory and museum at Mandello del Lario on Lake Como. There is…

Liturgy of Liberalism

Adrian Vermeule’s review of Ryszard Legutko’s The Demon in Democracy: Totalitarian Temptations in Free Societies.   Adrian VermeuleAge of EnlightenmentdemocracyfreedomLiberalismPolitical philosophyRyszard Legutkototalitarianism