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Todd Alcott’s Pulp Fiction Mashups

Check out Todd Alcott‘s other talent on Etsy. Another digital mashup artist that is doing interesting work is Josephine R. Unglaub whose work has already been featured and will again be featured as a Cosmos + Taxis cover. What started as a distraction for the LA-based screenwriter and graphic artist is now a continuing project with…

William Christenberry

Obituary and NYT profile William Christenberry’s work is a poetic evocation of a haunted countryside.  . . .  [that it] really says it all, because it [his work] deals not only with the Southern landscape of beauty and wonderment, but also the side of it that is haunted with memory and sadness. AlabamapaintingphotographyWalker PercyWilliam Christenberry

Largest Private Collection of Islamic Art

It’s one of those delicious cultural ironies (of course there are a few other examples) that a significant amount of Islamic art preservation (and more besides) is down to one Nasser Khalili, a Jewish Iranian-born academic and former art dealer. Ownership is nothing but a myth, we are only a temporary custodian of what we…