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First Church of Intersectionality

The always insightful and elegant Elizabeth Corey in First Things. Individuality is secondary to group identity. Soon the church-like atmosphere evolved into a political rally. Intersectional scholars are, by definition, unhappy with their situations in life. Gender, sexuality, family, ­hierarchy, capitalism, and, most of all, the university and its “pretense” to objective knowledge must be…

Oakeshott Association Conference Programme

Here is the programme for the MOA meeting at Colorado College. Charles Sanders PeirceConservatismConversationEric VoegelinfoucaultHegelhistory of political thoughthumeLiberalismMichael OakeshottMichael Oakeshott AssociationmodernityPhilosophy of historyphilosophy of social sciencePolitical philosophyR. G. Collingwoodrationalism

Religion and the Mode of Practice in Michael Oakeshott

Here is the intro to Elizabeth’s essay: Michael Oakeshott’s religious view of the world stands behind much of his political and philosophical writing. Yet it is difficult to get a firm grasp on what religion means to Oakeshott. His ideas about it constitute nothing that most people would recognize as religious. He rarely writes about God,…