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Williams: Hume on Religion

The vulgar perhaps need a religion: if so, polytheism may well be better, as doing less harm. The sophisticated may well do without one: the trouble is that the religion they may be tempted to embrace may be even worse than the primitive one. Here also, and in some ways parallel, is a distinction that…

When and Why Nationalism Beats Globalism

Here’s a nuanced and deep analysis on Brexit and extrapolations for a wider phenomenon. Those who truly want to understand what is happening should carefully consider the complex interplay of globalization, immigration, and changing values. Since many academics are in the business of activism masquerading as inquiry, I wouldn’t hold my breath. I’d urge the more intellectually honest…

Team “H”

It’s been a four “H” week. Commemorating the birth of Hume, acknowledging the ascendance of Haidt, reading Haack again and today marking the birth of Hayek. Here is a brief article by Emily Skarbek discussing an aspect of Hayek: individualism ‘true’. David HumeEmily SkarbekFriedrich HayekJonathan Haidtsusan haack