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LSD-induced states

Two recent articles: Journal of Neuroscience Results demonstrate first, that LSD reduced activity in brain areas important for self-processing, but also social cognition, second that change in brain activity was linked to subjective experience, and third that LSD decreased the efficiency of establishing joint attention. Frontiers in Neuroscience We have applied techniques from natural language…

John Cacioppo, 1951-2018

APS Past President John T. Cacioppo, a co-founder of the field of social neuroscience and a 2018 recipient of the APS William James Fellow Award, has died after a long illness. — APS Cognitive neuroscienceJohn CacioppoSocial Neuroscience

Reissue of Hayek’s The Sensory Order

The University of Chicago Press has alerted me that TSO is almost as good as here — so order now through the usual channels so as to not waste anytime in getting your hands on a copy. Cognitive neuroscienceCognitive scienceFriedrich Hayekphilosophical psychologyPhilosophy of mindSensory Orderviktor vanberg