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Merging of Mind and Machine

                        Ray Kurzweil’s article from last year’s Scientific American special on robotics is reprinted again here.  

Extended Mind

For those who have been following the work of Andy Clark – Natural-Born Cyborgs – and his latest – Supersizing the Mind – not mention Ray Kurzweil (and The Matrix) – should enjoy this article from Scientific American (November 2008, pp. 56-61). Not included here are two subsections that outline progress and propspects for neurotechnology (“How…

I am a strange loop

Wonderful to see Douglas Hofstadter’s book I Am a Strange Loop win an LA Times Book Award. What passess as the literati these days needs to be exposed to a mind that is highly cultured, literary and that has unforced conceptual depth. See the Scientific American and the JASSS reviews from last year. Douglas Hofstadter


                                The Volume 18, Number 1 issue of Scientific American Reports is a special edition on robotics. The following articles feature:  1. Bill Gates’s “A Robot in Every Home” concentrates on such commonplace items as the vacuum cleaner and not the…