The Funk, the Soul + the Holy Groove

Released today! Aside from the two very insightful reviews by Robert Fontenot in OffBeat Magazine for the previous two albums — Texas, Texas and See Red — much of the minor “alternative” music press are awkwardly trying to shoehorn Deltaphonic into some Procrustean category or other. The clue to their music is . . . in the band’s name — they embody the several Americana musical tributaries (traditions) that feed the Delta . . . phonically. I trust that before long Robert Fontenot will do another poetic write-up on this album. From my perspective, the band’s genius lies in that most rare of talents — the incredibly mature and memorable songwriting. The fact that Andrew and the band so superbly render Weekes’ Bukowski-like mindscape into a soundscape — is the icing on the cake. If like me, you cannot bear the ubiquitous insipid sound of the “bedsit” wannabe or the equally ubiquitous ersatz and effete talent show schlock, then Deltaphonic is the perfect antidote. And once we get through this shitstorm, I’d urge you to catch them live — I’ve seen them make a room full of unsuspecting casual punters merely there for a drink — submit to the music. It will take a good many more plays to see how I feel about this album, especially as part of a body of work since Deltaphonic, to my ear, was fully formed with their debut Texas, Texas. What I can tell you though is that the eponymous holy trinity — the funk, the soul, the groove (staples for a 70s boy) — are in place. But in the meantime, listen to all three albums on Spotify. Deltaphonic really have earned our support.

I got faith in the blues
The funk, the soul and the holy groove
Hallow be that which moves
Your eyes to shine in the gloom
Gives us the strength to do our best
Delivers us from emptiness
An invisible sacrament
That medicates the malcontent
I said hold back
Ease up
Don’t have to be good to have good luck