Charlotte Rampling

On the eve of the annual (and in decline) luvvy virtue-signaling regress-fest, there still stands Charlotte Rampling who, along with Catherine Deneuve, have timeless and towering unalloyed class, dignity, elegance and, most importantly, critical faculties — unlike the pompous half-baked cause du jour “celeb” types who are superficially deep, but deep down, are superficial! This documentary, clearly done on Rampling’s terms, powerfully shows up the Hollywood fuckwittery of trying to arrest the aging process. For me Rampling’s most memorable performance is still in The Night Porter, and though pretty much universally decried in the day, at least it could be made, a time when transgressive art could exist side-by-side with bread and circus idiocy. Of course, she trusted her co-lead Dirk Bogard, who arguably had the greatest transgressive acting career of all and yet who started out as matinée fluff. Rampling really did/does have THE look and she is acutely aware of it — but she also has integrity and a finely tuned talent.

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