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Charlotte Rampling

On the eve of the annual (and in decline) luvvy virtue-signaling regress-fest, there still stands Charlotte Rampling who, along with Catherine Deneuve, have timeless and towering unalloyed class, dignity, elegance and, most importantly, critical faculties — unlike the pompous half-baked cause du jour “celeb” types who are superficially deep, but deep down, are superficial! This documentary,…

Belle du Jour

Catherine Deneuve — the epitome of sophisticated, cool eroticism, accomplishment,  strong and independent womanhood. I can’t see her stooping to group zombiefication wearing a pussyhat. Update: here is the English translation of the manifesto Deneuve signed. belle du jourcatherine deneuvecinemafeminismLuis Buñuelregressive leftSimone de Beauvoir