India meets NOLA

As a Brit living in North America if ever there were a cuisine that I have regular cravings for it is Indian, Indian long-since becoming the national cuisine, a most welcome antidote to the grimness of the then-British cuisine of the early ’70s. Inevitably, there is so much schlock out there or if one goes to a supposedly high-end restaurant, the flavours have still been severely muted for “gringo”. Finally, there is an Indian restaurant in NOLA that is garnering some excellent reviews — Saffron NOLA. Note, their deployment of the word “evolution” in effect says that “cultural appropriation” fundamentalist fuckwits really are pissing in the wind. The food scene in N.O. is distinctively driven by a threefold inextricably linked dynamic: (a) food is an active highly qualic non-utilitarian cultural pillar to everyone’s daily life; (b) it is hyper-competitive not only because of (a) but because of the relatively small geographical proximity; and (c) because of (a) and (b) cuisines in NOLA partake in a conversation with each other in an adventurous way (Saffron’s cocktails a case in point). Saffron also provides a vital N.O. “morning after” Sunday brunch. I look forward to eating there: aside from the not so standard accoutrements (truffle naan!/I don’t see chutneys, pickles and papadums listed), what caught me eye was:



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