Imam Tawhidi on why he believes Palestine is Jewish land

Imam Tawhidi in HuffPost — needless to say the regressive dhimmies will play the “No true Scotsman” card to smear/undermine/dismiss Imam Tawhidi.

If we were to briefly review the ongoing Israeli-Palestinian conflict from a political lens, we would come to find that Palestine has always had the chance of being an independent state of their own; in fact, this was an offer made to them by Israel, not once, but five times. (4) It is without doubt that Islamic regimes such as the current Islamic government of Iran along with its allies, Hizbullah for instance, have benefited a great deal from the current tensions in the region. By using the excuse of a “potential Israeli invasion” of the whole of the Middle East “Just as they did with Palestine”, they have used their country’s wealth to develop nuclear powers that threaten the safety of the entire region; while the statistics of poverty rise throughout the country.