Extended Minds, Extended Foreskins

Irreverent “bar-room” style discussion between Tamler Sommers and David Pizarro on philosophical issues, this episode on my longstanding interest in extended mind. Yet another online example of one being able to get a decent education on the cheap, rather than an expensive miseducation on some ideological farm — and still having dosh for a car, good food, booze, travel, drugs, concerts, and books — and not becoming a resentful and negative git for the rest of one’s life. (It’s abundantly clear that the humanities (genuine liberal arts) are not only ripe and suitable for peeling off from the academy, but that this is actually happening. In 10 years or less, the ideological clerisy will be rendered “quaint” little islands of fuckwittery that appeal to the unemployable, the illiberal and dullest of zealots).