See Red — Deltaphonic’s Blinding New Album

For the past month or so I’ve been listening to a preview of Delaphonic’s new album. The version I was listening to had, understandably, a somewhat “thinner” mix but now the finalized version is available and man, what a fabulously richer sound. The support vocals are so much more to the forefront and atmospheric: they work so beautifully offsetting my only minor qualm of not having any brass. I can now unequivocally say that this album is as blisteringly good as one hoped would be the case. My current favourite tracks are “Big Game” (classic Deltaphonic), the Bandesque “Too Late To Hang Me”, “Radio” (another classic), “Lord Knows” (classic), the Plant/Krauss-ish “By Your Side” and the Zappa-rish “Strip Club 4×4” and their now (at least to me) trademark unlisted end of album silliness. (OK, there’s not one damn dud). You can purchase See Red here and here. Do it!