A Salt Tasting: How Do They Stack Up?

Mary Murphy offers an overview of some of the good stuff, a world away from the nasty salt that most people are exposed to. I am familiar with A, a version of C, E, F, and H. For A, E, and H we purchased large sacks in Guérandeto to encrust a fish on a BBQ. The Canadian version of C I tried was way too pricey and though one can’t ever go wrong with truffle, the quality of the salt used was crap. I think that a truffled version of F could be an interesting experiment. Speaking of F (Maldon) it is probably the easiest to acquire and is well-priced. The test: put a few flakes on the yolk of a sunny side up fried egg and all will temporarily be right with the world. I’ll be on the lookout for some of those on her list that I’m unfamiliar with.