Deltaphonic’s “See Red” Release Party

This Sunday get your butt down to D.B.A. for some fan firkin tastic music from the superb Deltaphonic. If you appreciate the sweet spot that is the confluence of all that is good about gritty “outlaw” Americana peppered with many a poetic moment, then this band is for you. I’ve listened to “See Red” a good 20 times now and I’m pleased to report that it’s a worthy follow-up to their brilliant debut “Texas, Texas”. And when you are back home with your copy of “See Red” and “Texas, Texas”, crank up the volume, crack open a bottle and light up. The next morning or whenever you re-enter orbit, crank it up again with your coffee to blow away the lingering fog induced from the previous night’s indulgence. Repeat prescription as and when your soul requires.